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Yakaulang Mystery

Chick said to chick: Her father is one Star US Army General stationed in Afghanistan. One night her father was telling story to her mother when family was asleep, but she was awake and heard story. In 2009 US Army was fighting Talibans in central Afghanistan called Hazarajat, they were chasing enemy when they entered ancient cave inside mountain village called Yakaulang. They found a pre-historic people who would never believe they existed. These pre-historic people ranged from 1 ft hight to 8 ft hight, some were round like a huge pumpkin with timy legs, some had multiple legs, arms, eyes, ears. Somehow they gave impression of human race. They were non-violent. They spoke their own language, they wore animal skins, they hunted at night whatever they found and hid inside their cave during day. Together US Army counted 2468 of the pre-historic people. US Army doctors and scientists examined the pre-historic for 3 months, they were all given injections and medications. US Army eventually transported the entire pre-historic mini civilization to somewhere in Kentucky. She confronted her father to write a book about the pre-historic civilization, her father told her to write about it after his death.