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Osaka Night Club

Chick said to chick: July 2014 flew to Japan from Buenos Aires for vacation, took bus to Osaka from Tokyo. It was Saturday night asked hotel concierge for nightclub recommendation, so she was recommended a night club deep underground, as she entered the nightclub, she had a different unusual fillings, everyone looked as if they were out of this world. Was drinking at bar, a very skinny tall cartoon-ish dude approached her and started conversation about different creatures in universe, she thought he was funny, skinny dude asked her if she would like to wake up next morning in Shanghai China without leaving the nightclub?, now she was convinced dude was not normal. So, she said yes to skinny dude. Dude lead her to another room, it was all dark blue, there was couple from Sweden sitting on couch, she intruduced herself to them together they were laughing at skinny dude and his Shanghai trip proposal. Skinny dude served them a sour drink. Next day they woke up found themselves on benches of Shanghai underground tube. They panicked went to Shanghai police station and spoke about their phenomenon freaky encounter with skinny dude in Osaka Japan. Shanghai police chief told them outer space beings are trying to prove their existence among us, therefore; they challenge humans to their magical scientific powers to convince us to accept their presence .