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Zanzibar Bazaar

Chick said to chick: Got married 2009, her husband was test pilot/ cosmonaut for Russian space agency. He was paid very well, they took many vacations. 2013 her husband returned to earth after 2 days in space testing new spacecraft. This time she felt something seriously wrong about her husband. they went to Zanzibar on vacation. One day they were walking in the Bazzar when an old all white beard Darvish approached them, started staring at her husband and saying things in his native language, her husband got nervous and walked away. Old Darvish followed them continued saying things in his language. Darvish jumped put his hands over her husband’s face pulled a mask, beneath the mask was face of an Alien with bulging huge eyes, she freaked out and started hitting husband/ Alien with her purse, dude Alien started laughing extremely loud and said-“We are her to stay, there are 50,000 of us among you, we will rule you soon” then the Alien started running extremely fast. Packed and flew to Moscow right away, spoke to director of Russian space agency about what happened in Zanzibar, director told her,”we knew about your husband/Alien”. Upon hearing that, she felt sick in her stomach, after 7 months traveled to Germany and then to US.