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North Dakota 1905

Dude said to dude: His great grandmother worked in the White House of President Teddy Roosevelt as maid from 1901 to 1907. She retired in 1925 and settled in Dallas. In retirement great grandmother wrote her memoir while serving in the White House. 1905 great grandmother accompanied  President Teddy Roosevelt to his favorite National Park in North Dakota along with 100s of other White House aids and secret service agents. It was around 10 PM when all heard a big bang noise, the president was drinking bourbon with friends, within minutes herds of cattle was stampeding all around the camp where President was staying and thousands of birds flying and screaming in the air. Since President Roosevelt was fond of wildlife, did not like seeing cattle and birds disturbed at an unusual time of night, so Teddy Roosevelt asked aids to help him get ready. Quickly President was on the horse saddle with his guns on each side of saddle surrounded by secret service agents galloping toward the big bang noise. After several hours, President Teddy Roosevelt returned to camp with secret service agents pulling with ropes a round all banged up machine. Teddy Roosevelt and secret service agents started to open the all banged up round machine with whatever equipment they had on hand. They were hammering the banged up machine for hours. It was 5:30 AM when one secret service agent screamed extremely loud said:” Mr. President. The Devil himself is inside”. Then dude secret agent fainted had heart attack and did not wake up again.  The President took the lantern from secret agent’s hand and started to look inside the banged up machine himself,  Teddy Roosevelt pulled two 4 ft tall beings with cone like heads and bulgy eyes, some kind of green and blue ooze was coming out of the damned things. One of the Aliens was dead one was saying things no one understood.  Everyone panicked, There were 7 other women  maids in the camp, all were screaming and crying out of fear, 4 old soldiers fainted forever upon seeing the Aliens.  The President was very brave  about the whole thing, was telling all to sit down and do not fear nothing. The President’s  Priest was reading from Bible and was telling everyone to calm in the name of Jesus. Next day president ordered all to pack up and get ready back to Washington DC. Teddy Roosevelt ordered the Aliens to be kept in his cabin. The President ordered all to keep it extremely confidential, never to speak about what they had seen, in public. All pledeged loyalty to Teddy Roosevelt. After 4 days they reached Washington DC  by Presidential Train.  Teddy Roosevelt ordered 2 captured Aliens to be kept in the basement of the White House.  For all who worked in the White House life was back to normal, no one ever talked about the Aliens, all kept his/  her pledge to Teddy Roosevelt. Scientists from all European countries were coming to the White House to inspect the captured Aliens.  One scientist was attacked by the injured Alien, dude had lost half his face. One night at least 50 secret service agents were all over the White House trying to take captured Aliens out of the White House and transfer them to a secret location. As they were taking out Aliens out  of the White House, 6 blue rays so strong that no eye could look at them were glowing from above the White House toward secret service agents,  all secret service agents clothes caught fire and all abandoned the captured Aliens. When the blue rays ended glowing, secret service agents were trying to find captured Aliens, but they were nowhere to be found.  The Alien ships had come after their people and sucked them up with their blue rays. Secret Service Chief called meeting immediately in the White House. Again everyone saw the incident was asked to sign pledge never to speak about the incident to anyone for the rest of their lives. And no one ever spoke about the incident, ever.