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40 years later

Dude said:  His grandfather and his twin sister were born in Piedmont Italy 1916. When they 11 years old  1927 their parents, great grandparents, decided to immigrate to US. They boarded ship from Rome for long sail to their dreamland, America. After 4 days on the ocean, weather turned turbulent, Captain ordered everyone to stay inside their quarters dressed in life support vest for emergency evacuation. Brught lights started glowing at ship from sky, Captain announced evacuation, as people were saying their prayers and boarding rescue boats,  the bright lights from sky sucked 9 children out of the lifeboats. His grandfather lost his twin sister to the bright light. Then brught lights disappeared, ocean turned calm and Captain ordered everyone back into the ship. The Father Priest read from the Bible and camled frantic parents and passengers.  Everyone thought it was the Devil himself stole nine children.  Next day Father Priest held mass funeral.  Ship landed in New York weeks later, parents of 9  snatched children registered their complaints to FBI. All parents were told by FBI not to talk to press media about their experience. Time passed, everyone went separate ways established families in different cities and states. His great grandparents established in San Francisco. His grandfather got married had 3 children living in Sausalito.  1967 one night his grandfather was in the backyard when strong lights from sky appeared over his house,  a child walked out of the lights towards grandfather,  grandfather could not believe his eyes, it was his twin sister 40 years later returned to him. His twin sister never aged a day, looked exactly same as when she was abducted by Aliens. Unfortunately, great grandparents had died, grandfather had no siblings.  After few weeks grandfather contacted FBI who came and took grandfather’s twin sister away to area 51 in Nevada for scientific research. FBI asked grandfather not go public about it. After one month,  grandfather was flown secretly to area 51 in Nevada to visit his twin sister.  Grandfather wrote in his diary that he saw all 8 other children snatched in 1927 inside area 51, all children had not aged at all.  Grandfather died 1995, one week before his death grandfather had visied his twin sister in area 51. What is most shocking is all nine abducted children from 1927, now all inside area 51 were not aging,  all nine  children were stuck being in the ages they were abducted. After grandfather’s dead, FBI did not take his father, aunt and uncle to area 51. Those 9 children are probably still inside area 51 being studied by Scientists.