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pay for father’s sins

Dude said: He was born in wealthy family in Shanghai. His father passed away 2010 left him and his sister huge fortune worth more than $1Billion. Their father wrote his diary. After reading their father’s diary, they found out their father as teenager had forced himself onto a teenage girl working for his family as a maid. Teen age chick had gotten pregnant, runaway to a remote village had a son. They hired private investigator to find their step brother . After 8 months, they were informed by private investigator they had found their step brother in a village 2000 Kilometers away from Shanghai. They travelled to the village to meet their step brother, they were ashamed of their father’s crime. Their step brother was very poor working as a cook in local restaurant, his mother had passed away at age 30. They explained to their step brother history of their common father. They helped villagers by giving them big sums of money as gift. They built a Health Center in the village, brought doctors and nurses from big cities, paid their salaries to serve in the health center.  They brought their step brother with them to Shanghai.  They own many successful  businesse  they are a happy family. They have decided to give 90% of whatever they make in their businesses, to charitable causes .