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Best Doctrine

Dude Geopolitical Expert from London Said: President Obama’ s { no new war – talking to enemies Doctrine } has been very successful. Obama’s Doctrine opened doors in Cuba where millions of poor Cubans will get a chance to improve their lives by Cuba slowly becoming a democratic state, American businesses will soon start doing business in Cuba, eventually $100’s of Billion dollars will pour into US Economy. Obama’s talks with Iran has been a great success. The whole world  feels safer Iran does not posses Nuclear weapons. Iran economy is not a joke, $ Trillion will be spent by Iran government and Iran business community purchasing goods from West. By not starting new Wars like a traditional Stupid Cowboy, President Obama saved millions of human lives, saved US from being hated,  and spent US money on Social Justice for the poor and needy  instead of financing ugly War/s. President Obama engaged in Smart War operations against Terrorism by killing them with use of Drones.