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Found again in Tijuana

Dude said:  He was born and raised  black in Mississippi. In high school he was dating a white girl, they had fallen in love with each other. Back then Mississippi was extremely racist environment, it was  taboo for white girls to date black boys. 1965 after graduation, he was followed by 3 white guys one night, they pulled guns on him threatened him not to date his white girlfriend. 2 weeks later his girlfriend’s family moved out of Mississippi to different state. He was heartbroken. He did not know where to look for her. 1970 he was drafted by US Army fighting in Vietnam. After one year and half fighting unnecessary War, intellectually he became disillusioned with War. He deserted the Army , moved to Cambodia, 1 month ater, he moved to France. All this time his girlfriend was always in his heart and mind. She had given him a Silver ring that he always wore. In Paris, he worked odd jobs, saved enough to buy a one way ticket to Mexico where there were many Vietnam War deserters. He went to  Tijuana to join Army deserters. As he entered a crowded bar after midnight, he saw his girlfriend  from high school behind the bar working as bartender. Sat at bar ordered a drink,  His girlfriend did not recognize him, but she was staring at him curiously. When she finally saw the ring on his hand,  she screamed so loud out of joy, everyone in the bar froze for a moment. That was it, they found each other again, it was their faith. Next day they got married inside an old Church in Tijuana. Owner of the bar she was working and regular customers, mainly Vietnam US Army deserters chipped in collected  $4,000 as gift for them. She continued working as bartender, he found odd jobs. They bought land and grew Avocado. Time passed, they had 2 children, one international lawyer, one a farmer. They own 75,000 acres of land and are very successful Avocado farmers. They  are fiercely anti war activists, they  give money to charities helping families devestitaed by wars worldwide. They strongly opposd any war anywhere,