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service to humanity

Couple Geopolitical Activists from South Africa Said: There are about 1,800 Billionaires in the world. If every Billionaire donates only $1 Million per Billionaire for 10 consecutive year,  it will be $1.8 Billion per year. This budget can be managed, invested and used by Noble Laureate Economists, { Pro Bono } very effectively to eliminate poverty in the world.  They will build massive University system in India that can house 100K Students annually. India,  because indian education is very advanced, and English is 2nd language. From all 3rd world nations high school graduates must be given fair chance to attend this global university free of charge. Room, board, uniform, and education will be provided free to all students. Every student must sign agreement that after receiving their Master / Phd , every graduate must live in his / her country of birth for 10 years and practice what they have studied. Major emphasis will be on Medicine, Social Justice, Agriculture, Engineering, Computer Science, Human rights, Democracy and Law.  Every major in the world will be taught. All Text books will be in English and provided to students free of charge. Students will not pay for anything while studying. A high level of GPA will be set. Level of education will not be less than ivey league level. There should be equal numbers of female and male students in separate dorms. All professors will be paid enough and be given free housing. University should also accept retired professors from best universities in the west who want to teach pro bono. Some graduates must be helped financially to setup office in their field of study in their countries. This will be a great service to humanity. Results will be a democratic, self-sufficient world with respect to human rights.