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life is all about casinos

  1. African American dude said: 2008 lost his job in Wallstreet because of Lehman Brothers robbery of American economy. Until 2010 he could not find a suitable job. Was drinking late in a Flatbush underground bar/ club one night,  there was a Chinese gypsy chick drinking heavily, but showed no sign of being drunk. The gypsy chick called him over, bought him a drink. They started to converse, after he told gypsy chick about his life, gypsy chick told him,”Do not worry, I will send you on missions, you and I will make big money, just do as I teach you”, then gypsy chick passed out. He waited 6 hours for gypsy chick to wakeup. Gypsy chick took him outside and bought him breakfast. After they fully woke up and gained control, gypsy chick took him to her secret dwelling, under Brooklyn Bridge where gypsy chick was living. There, gypsy chick told him, she was banned in every Casino in the world, because she was an excellent Card Counter. But, gypsy chick was welling to teach him how to become almost as good as she was,  counting cards, in return he would have to split with her 50/50 all his wins. He agreed. For 24 days and nights, gypsy chick showed him every details and tricks about counting cards. Gypsy chick bought him set of nice suits, gave him $2,000 sent him to Foxwood Casino in Connecticut. He was not sure how to start,  he was nervous as anything, finally he sat at a $ 100 BlackJack table,  he was hearing voices of his mentor, gypsy chick, as if she was sitting next to him telling him what to do. He won $15,000 in 1 hour. Gained confidence,  moved to $200 Blackjack table, after 2 hours, win $83,000. He noticed Casino security guards were watching him closely, but because they had not seen him before, they did not take him to back room for interrogation. He stopped playing for the night, took car service back to New York City. It was 5 AM he reached his secret dwelling under Brooklyn Bridge. Next day, with his mentor gypsy chick, they went to  peter lugar Steakhouse, had biggest Steaks and expensive wine, tipped waiter $500. Back inside their dwelling under Brooklyn Bridge, gypsy chick was constantly practicing card counting with him. They were slowly growing on each other as good friends. 5 days later, gypsy chick sent him to Atlantic City Casinos. In 7 hours straight playing Blackjack, he won $144,000 . Next morning he took limousine to New York City, he noticed his llimousine was followed by Casino security all the way to New York City.  He got off limousine in Port Authority Times Square, went down took subway to Brooklyn. That night, he got drunk with his mentor, gypsy chick,  next day they woke up, realized they had made love. So, they became lovers. Few days later, gypsy chick called her contacts, they brought 10 different masks for men and women to them. They flew to Los Vegas. After they got off plane, they put on masks to cover their original looks. They checked into Motel  outside of Strip. That night he  hit the Strip, after 5 hours he won $91,000 . For 2 weeks in Vegas, he played in different Casino every night. After 2 weeks, he had won $850,000 from all Vegas Casinos. Before leaving Los Vegas, they got married at famous  Little White Wedding Chappell , bought a new mini Trailer  and  hit the road  wherever there was a Casino they stopped, played and won. They decided to give 50% of their accumulated cash wins from Casinos, to charitable organizations. They bought a house in Santa Fe New Mexico. They adopted  3 orphans, one Asian, one Black, one White. Once a month he plays and wins at different Casino coast to coast.