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thirty million dollar wedding

  • Three chicks, 1 Asian 1 Black 1 White said: They were in US Army from 2003 to 2007.  2005 they were dispatched to Bamiyan Hazarajat,  Central  Afghanistan. One night they were on duty in a mountainside remote village, they came across a local wedding. They were invited by humbled villagers to have tea and bread with them, because that were all they had; tea, sugar, and bread. Bride and Groom were in their late teen years. Local musicians were playing musical instruments and singing. Villagers were all Hazaras, { Mongol Descendents } mainly living in Hazarajat, Central Afghanistan. For centuries Hazaras have been massacred by Sunni majority because Hazaras are Shiite Minorities. They sat down on floor drinking tea with Villagers, it was 10 PM, everyone was enjoying poor but proud wedding when they heard gunshots from above them, people started running. They decided to save the Bride and Groom. Poor Hazaras were being attacked by Talibans Terrorists. They grabbed Bride and Groom tucked them into a corner. Taliban Terrorists were shooting killing women, men, and children. They were shooting back at Talibans. They called headquarter for help as they were outnumbered, within minutes 4 Helicopters appeared over them shooting at Taliban Terrorists. They decided to run out of the Village with Bride and Groom to safety. After an hour of running, they all fell into a hole, they decided to stay inside the hole with Bride and Groom until morning taking turn to sleep. At sunrise they noticed 5 bags inside the hole. When they opened bags, they noticed 40 small gold antique statues. The bags were left inside the hole by antique smugglers. Bamiyan for centuries has been target of treasure hunters from West, as Bamiyan was once major Buddha Center in 6th Century. They took the bags out of the hole, with Bride and Groom they walked to village. Inside village they  saw Army colleagues. They requested base to take them to capital, Kabul about 90 minutes by Helicopter. In Kabul they checked Bride and Groom inside a Hotel with 5 bags. Next day they all asked their commander for discharge, after 2 months, they were all honorably discharged from Army. Two of them flew to London to find connection to take bags out of Kabul, one stayed in Kabul with Bride and Groom. After 2 weeks in London, they made the right connection with Antique gold dealer for European collectors. The collector flew with them to Kabul to inspect the contents of the bags. After inspection, the collector offered them $30 Million. The dealer was very highly connected to Afghan Government, next day they were all flown to Zurich Switzerland by private jet from Kabul Airport. In Zurich the dealer opened Bank account for them, transferred $30 Million in to their account. They decided to split their fortune evenly, $6 Million per person. After celebrating their goodluck in Switzerland, they flew to US with Bride and Groom. They settled in New Mexico. Immediately they hired private English teacher for young Afghan couple. Each bought a house in new development next to each other. Afghan couple became fluent in English after on year,  they sent money to lawyers in Kabul and got 23 members of their families out of Hazarajat to New Mexico. Young couple have had 3 children. They all enjoy life as friends, but did not forget about abused Hazaras, they have opened schools and medical clinic in Hazarajat and regularly  send medicine and money to them. They also bring Hazara children legally to US and find them homes in Canada.