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L’amour est aveugle

Couple from France Said:  2004 Chick was in French Military dispatched to Iraq. One day in City of Najaf they were ambushed by enemy, chick run to a small house to take refuge. Inside the house she came across aged terrified couple and a blind dude in his 20’s. The old couple had dug holes under their living room for protection. Old couple quickly put her and their son  inside the bunker under their carpet. After few minutes terrorists stormed old couples house searching for coalition soldiers. After few minutes terrorists left the old couple’s house. She came out of the hole with blind dude. She had an unusual good feeling about the blind dude. She told old couple she was French, to her surprise blind dude started talking to her in French. Blind dude’s name was Daoud, dude was 22 years old and had learned French in college. She really bonded well with aged couple and their blind son. As times passed, she went to old couple’s house daily, sat with them, ate their food and conversed with them. Blind dude started to grow on her, she began to like poor family and appreciated their hospitality and humbled lives. The couple and their son were of Shiite sect of Islam as 80% of Iraq population is Shiite. So, one day she and the blind dude kissed and showed their affections for each other. In the next 3 months she and Daoud became good friends and lovers. She was sent back to France by her Superiors. When she returned to Montpellier, she requested to be relieved from Army, her request was granted by Tribunal. A week later she pulled all her savings out of the bank got into flight went to Bagdad, rented car, drove to Najaf to aged couple’s house. She paid Iraqi officials bribes and prepared passports for aged couple and her blind lover Daoud. Following week all four flew out of Iraq and landed in Paris. In Montpellier, her parents liked the aged Iraqi couple and Daoud. After 6 months living with her parents, she told her parents she was in love with Daoud and wanted to maerry dude, her parents asked Daoud to convert to Christianity and change his name to David. Daoud spoke to his parents, his parents had agreed and given Daoud their permission to become Christian and change his name to David. David got baptized inside their Church a week later they got married inside same Church. Since David had studied music in College, he got a job as music instructor teaching Arabic music in university, she got her old job in the local post office. They moved out of her parents house into a large 2 bedroom flats. They have one girl named Aziza one boy named Jean Paul. Both children are pabtized and raised Christian. Her father in law passed away last year. They enjoy life with their children. In her village everyone likes her blind husband and calls David the blind professor.