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Unfinished Business

Dude Said: 1973 he was born in Nigeria, he had no brothers and sisters, but he had many cousins around his age. In 10th grade he met a lovely chick classmate who he liked very much and eventually fell in love with her. In mid school season,  he did not see chick coming to school for a week. He went to chick’s house to find out what was going on, the neighbors told him, his classmate chick was gang raped one day after school by three teen boys,  her parents did not want to stay in town to be looked down by people of twn, so they had packed and left to another city. He did not know what to do where to go to find her. As time passed,  there was not a day he did not think about her. After high school he was sent by his parents to London for his university studies. 1996 he graduated from Warwick University, he took a flight to Toronto for few days to see Canada. He was sitting at the bar drinking wine, few minutes later a beautiful mademoiselle entered the bar sat next to him, when they exchanged eye contact, they realized finally they found each other again, it was a gift from God. She told him the humiliation she went through being raped by 3 of her classmates, the rapists were his cousins. When he heared his cousins names committed the heinous crime when they were aware of the fact he was in love with her, he felt pain in his stomach as if a machine gun had hit him with 100 bullets. She told him she thought about him everyday. After high school she received full scholarship from Brown University in Rhode Island. He knew he had to whack the 3 coward criminals no matter what it took. In London they dated, they realized they were madly in love with each other. They rented a flat in kinsingtom. Both started  university for their masters. After one year living together they got married. She had nightmare nightly. His rage was getting built more and more every night he witnessed her nightmare. They graduated with their Masters, both landed good jobs. After one year, he quietly contacted local British Wise dudes who for proper sum of money would whack or destry anyone. After saving enough money to compensate wise dudes, he bought 3 round trip tickets to Nigeria, one for himself two tickets for two wise English hitmen. One early morning when his wife was asleep, he left a note for her “Please Do Not Worry About Me, I Have An Unfinished Business To Take Care Of”. They checked into a hotel in Abuja, capital of Nigeria. At beginning he wanted to kill all his three criminal cousins, then he remembered his wife was always asking him to turn his criminal cousins into vegetables instead of killing them. He instructed his hired English hitmen to turn his cousins into vegetables. He contacted his criminal cousins one by one, invited them one by one to his hotel same night. First, he  beat the shit out of each criminal, then his hired hitmen knew exactly where to hit their nerves, turned each one of them into a vegetable. He left three vegetables in his hotel room, next early morning, he boarded flight to London with his two hitmen. He had taken photos of his turned vegetable cousins.Showed photos to his wife.  All his criminal cousins were married with children. Every month he sent enough money to wives of his three vegetable cousins to cover all their expenses. One cousin died 2 years later, one cousin was put to sleep by his wife’s permissionin the hospital, one vegetable cousin is still breathing, but still a vegetable. To this day, no one in his family ever suspected he turned his criminal cousins into vegetables for heinous crimesl they had committed. His wife’s nightmare became less frequent, but she still gets nightmare now and then from inhumane crime that was committed on her. They have two children, taking life day by day.