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Ends And Begins 2027

Chick from Wellington New Zealand Said: 2010 was on vacation in South Florida. Walking on the beach one afternoon found old metal box washed ashore by ocean waves. Opened, found small book with brown leather cover, title read in French,” se termine et commence 2027″, in English, “ends and begins 2027”. Since she is fluent in French, started reading the little book. It was written 1766 by a female descendant of Michel de Nostradame aka “Nostradamus” . Her book name was Emma. From  her ancestor, Nostradamus, Emma had inherited the gift to see into future. Because of her gender, Emma was not taken seriously back then in Europe. And so, Emma put it in writing her visions of the future. Emma saw all events took place on earth effecting human lives, from revolutions, wars, leaders assasinations, UFOS, human achievements in science, man landing on the moon, a woman became leader of the most powerful nation, and eventual nuclear war of 2027 that will end life on earth and begins life on earth. Emma saw the collapse of Soviet Union in late 20th century and United States as the only Super Power managing political affairs of nations. Emma saw how a ruthless leader of Russia was developed and took complete control of Russia in early 21st Century, worse than Czar and Stalin. This ruthless Russian leader had grown extremely bitter about the collapse of Russia, and wanted very badly to restore Russian empire allover again at any cost, including use of nuclear weapons on other nations. Emma saw gradual degradation of  relations amongst nations caused by this ruthless Russian leader. By 2025 all major powers has called their ambassadors and closed their embassies in other nations. Local and regional wars had erupted, chemical bombs had been used on large cities in Asia.  over 300 million people were dying from famine and diseases. Every one. Spring of 2027 Russia launched nuclear attack on western Europe, instantly took 40 Million lives. United States forces in Western Europe was destroyed, United States forces from under water retaliated launched nuclear attack on Russia, took millions of lives. Other nuclear powerd from Asia launched nuclear attacks on their none nuclear neighbors. WWIII, full scale Nuclear war, the end of life on earth finally began, Armageddon had happened according to Holy Bible. Within hours, human life as well as animal life ended on planet earth. Emma saw four young University  students; 1 Christian White Male, 1 Jewish Female, 1 Black Muslim Male, 1 Asian Female on  school  scientific research studies inside a cave in Africa. The four  human beings alive on earth. These four intellegent only human beings knew they had to start life again on earth, they were the new Adams And Eves. So, Christian white male and Jewish female paired together,  Black muslim male and Asian female paired together  to produce humanity allover again. By 2077 fifty years later, human population reached only 60. These new humans traveled freely, ate what they could find. The new forefathers  foremothers taught their children how to read and write. By 2227 , two hundred years later, human population reached  200,000 . These new humans were literate, because forefathers and foremothers who were university students. They had written new constitution free of violence, racism, discrimination, and equality between men and women, forefathers did not encourage following any previous earth religion, their  new religion was humanity and a human lifestyle without army and military.