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Jane Jim and Jodi

Chick Said: Her parents met and fell in love  in high school. Her mother, Jane, is black American, her father, Jim/ Jodi,  is white American. Attending UCLA together, they also lived as roommates. Both their parents had accepted and expected their eventual marriage. After graduating from UCLA, her parents got married. Her mother continued her education, became a lawyer, her father became an architect. 1992 she was born in San Diego. She was raised with much love and affection. When she was 10 years old, she noticed her parents sleeping separately, but had much love towards each other. 2010 she started college. One evening her parents broke the news to her; both her parents had become LGBTQI – her mother had developed desires towards woman as masculine – her father hed developed desires towards woman as well, but as feminine. Her parents told her that they were still in love with each other. Her parents are very open minded liberals. Her father had sex change surgery. After her father became a woman, renamed himself , changed his name from Jim to Jodi and became wife to her mother, his original wife. At beginning it was a big fiasco among her relatives, most relatives distanced themselves, but as time passed, they all came around and showed support and love to her parents. Her parents continue living happily as spouses. She got married three years ago, has 2 years old son, made Jane and Jim/Jodi grandparents.