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keyhole witness

Dude Said: 1963 he was in Ivanovo about 250 Kilometers from Moscow. His father Nikolai was a textile machine engineer, his mother Ilana was a teacher. He was  the only child named Peter. When he was 7 years old, his parents took a vacation to Saint Petersburg. They were staying at a hotel. On their 2nd night at the hotel, his parents had put him to sleep and  had gone out to a bar for drinks. A woman’s screening and crying from next room woke him up. He could not sleep, he went outside his room and put his eye on keyhole of the door next room to see what was happening, he saw a guy in military uniform was beating a naked woman with his pistol.The woman was blonde the guy had one green eye one black eye. She was begging him to stop hitting her and never had to pay her for  sex. But, the guy kept beating her until she passed out on the floor. He got scared run to his room hid in his bed thinking about the woman begging the guy not to hit her. The woman’s face and guy’s 2 color eyes were inscribed in his brain. He felt so terrified and shaken from the gruesome scene he could not sleep. Few hours later his parents returned from outside, he told Nikolai and Ilana what he had witnessed from the keyhole, but his parents told him that it was bad manner to look into other rooms through the keyhole and since the guy he had witnessed beating the woman, was in military uniform, there was nothing they could do about it. In the morning they were having breakfast in the hotel lobby when an ambulance came with a woman and a man went to the room where woman was beaten to death, moments later the woman and man of ambulance were carrying body of the unconscious woman on a stretcher, he could not help himself, he walked to the ambulance saw unconscious woman’s face one more time, some power from inside of him compelled him to say to dead woman’s ear, ” I will do same to him one day” . His parents were standing behind him with amazement. When they returned to the breakfast table, his parents lectured him about good manners again, that he should not have gone to the ambulance and see dead body of the woman. He wanted to find out name of the woman who was killed by a Russian military officer before his parents leaving Saint Petersburg. There were several people in the front desk of the hotel, one was a nice old man, he waited when the old man was left alone, he approached the old man and asked the old man about what had happened to the woman who was carried out by ambulance, the front desk old man told him, “she was a local prostitute, the guy who killed her was high ranking military officer, no one could prosecute him”. Then he asked the old man dead woman’s name, the old man told him her name was Alina”. He returned to Ivanovo with his parents, every night the scenes of Alina beaten by 2 colored guy in military uniform haunted him, every night he said to himself, ” I will do same to him one day”. Peter graduated from high school and was accepted by military college. Because of his high grades, he was chosen to study in elite division that were handpicked by KGB. In the Elite division Peter was enrolled in espionage training and in linguistic studies to become a super spy for KGB. After 8 years of strenuous training and studies, Peter gratuated top of the class flawlessly fluent in 6 languages and a killer machine. In Moscow KGB headquarters Peter was assigned to work in the office of a 4 star KGB General. On his first day inside KGB headquarters, Peter was escorted to meet his boss, the 4 star General, his new boss was standing looking out the window with his back facing Peter. The General said to Peter, Congratulations Comrade Peter, you gratuated top of your classes, mother Russia is expecting nothing but the best from you, then the General turned around to face Peter. When Peter saw the General’s face, he saw the face of the guy with 2 different eye colors in uniform beating Alina with his gun to death, only difference was the guy in uniform standing in front of Peter, had gray hair and many medals on his uniform, but same guy with same 2 different eyes. Peter felt a great relief in his heart and mind looking at the face of a criminal he had promised himself and to Alina to beat with a gun to death as he had witnessed this criminal killed Alina in 1970. Now Peter was waiting for a perfect moment to fulfill his promise. Peter followed 4 star General’s order perfectly on daily basis, Peter had become the General’s right hand. On the eve of collapse of the Soviet Union 25th December 1991, a year being in service of 4 srar General, Peter saw his moment had arrived, Peter pulled his gun put it on 4 srar General’s forehead and had said to General,” remember the night you beat to death the poor local prostitute in 1970 in Saint Petersburg in a hotel room, I was 7 years old, through the keyhole I witnessed your brutal crime, I had promised Alina and myself all these years to beat you with my gun to death !”. His boss, the 4 star General responded to Peter, ” I have treated you like my son, I have put all my trust in you, you want to kill me over a worthless prostitute I had killed years ago, I do not even remember her, I must have killed a dozen worthless whores like her, the Soviet Union is collapsing, I have unlimited power and information, we can fly out to Paris tonight with bags full of Gold and have great lives”. Peter remembered the moment he had said to Alina’s dead body on the stretcher, “I will do same to him one day”. Peter lost control started beating 4 star General on his face with his gun. Minutes later, Peter found himself standing with his gun in his hand moving as if he was hitting the General, but the General’s body had fallen on the floor with his head split opened, the General’s eyes and brain tissues had popped out of his head scattered over carpet. Finally Peter felt satisfied fulfilling his promise  to Alina. Peter wrapped General’s body with curtains from bathroom and placed his body inside a closet. Peter changed his uniform with extra set he had in his office. Peter used his high security clearance to escape Soviet Union, ordered a KGB jet to fly him to Switzerland, but before boarding the jet, Peter searched for valuables inside General’s office, found 25 gold bullion, placed all bullion inside a high security KGB suitcase. In Switzerland, Peter went straight to British Embassy and defected. Because Peter had too much sensitive information about Soviet Union, Peter was given British citizenship immediately. And because of his knowledge of languages, Peter has many passports and dose not stay in one country more than a month. Until today, The Russian government is still  actively seeking to find Peter and kill him on the spot.