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to whom it may concern

We, Abrahami Brothers, Are Inviting Celebrities, Politicians, And Billionaires For Conversations About Any Subject For Our Social Media, nyctaxicabtales .

Our goal is to go viral and generate millions of followers. When viral, we will generate income from sponsors. We Abrahami Brothers, Will Set up a none for profit foundation to manage all income from sponsors and Donate every Penny, every Dollar from advertisers to homeless organizations. The none for profit foundation will post every dollar earned from sponsors and every dollar donated to homeless organizations in nyctaxicabtales Blog, Facebook, and Youtube for all to view.

We, Abrahami Brothers Will ONLY Create Contents And Will NEVER take a Penny from the none for profit foundation for personal use! .

Our 5 cousins drive taxi and car service, we collect their stories and create new cintents .

So, If You Are A Celebrity, A Politician, A Billionaire ,{ From Any Country }, And You Share Our Intention To Help The Homeless, Please Email us at

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