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An American Tale

Chick Said: Her great grandfather came to US from Germany in 1875, her  great grandmother came to US from Poland around same period. Her parents met in University of Texas 1970 as classmates, fell in love ,after graduation in 1973 got married. Both her parents had been brought up in traditional Republican families. Her mother got pregnant raising her and her sister, her father became an accountant.Her mother became a housewife. Her parents brought them up with traditional Republican party values. Her parents always voted Republican. When she and her sister became eligible to vote, they voted Republican party. Her parent were typical American middle class. They owned a house and two cars. 2008 her mother fell ill, doctors diagnosed her illness as cervical cancer. Her father got fired from his job as results of 2008 financial crisis. Her father’s insurance was stopped, her parents needed medical insurance for treatment of her mother’s cervical cancer. Her father applied for medical insurance to all insurance companies in America, all insurance companies refused to sell her parents insurance, because of her mother’s pre existing medical problem, her cervical cancer. Her parents were forced to sell their house they loved very much to pay for her mother’s medical bills. Her parents moved to a one bedroom apartment. Her mother’s cancer had become advanced and had spread into her bones. Her father became full time care taker of her mother. She and her sister were helping her parents financially. Her mother passed away in summer of 2009. Her father became extremely bitter about life in America. Her father worked hard and paid taxes all his life. Her father was refused to buy health insurance by virtually all insurance companies, because of her mother’s pre existing medical condition. Her parents were forced to sell their house to pay doctors’ bills and hospial bills. Her father grew very depressed and 3 months after her mother’s death, her father committed suicide. Her sister could not handle her parents death and lack of basic human right in US, her sister moved to Canada. Because her sister had studied at a culinary school and she was a Chef, she found a job as Chef in Canada. Her sister revoked her American citizenship and became a Canadian citizen. She stayed in US, changed her political party afflictions, became a Democrat. When President Obama signed into law the affordable health care act in March of 2010 and got rid of pre existing conditions refusals by insurance companies, she sent a thank you letter to President Obama, in her letter she mentioned story of her parents struggles with American insurance companies. Within 3 weeks, she received a responding letter from the White House signed by President Obama. She has become a sociopolitical activist fighting for social justice for all Americans, in particular the health care. All over the world, in the poorest 3rd world countries, universal health care has been recognized as a basic human right. In the poorest countries, no human being is refused health care. America, the wealthiest nation on earth, yet Americans, still are fighting for a universal health care, a basic human right. Millions of hardworking American families were destroyed by Insurance companies refusals to sell them insurance because of pre-existing conditions, before affordable health care act was signed by President Obama, millions of hardworking American families will be destroyed again by Republican law makers repeal of affordable health care act. She wishes all Americans regardless of party affiliation  to wakeup one day and realize this basic human right and millions to march towards Washington DC and demand Republican politicians to join Democrat politicians to create the American Universal Health Care at last. Health Care of a nation must not become monetized and politicized, it is a basic fundamental human right.