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Lili and Paul

Couple, Lili And Paul Said: 1997 they met when Lili had applied for an executive assistant position with Paul’s company. It was love at 1st sight. Lili was married had a 7 year old son, Lili’s husband was alcoholic and was diagnosed with cirrhosis of liver. So, Lili was forced to find a job and earn income. Paul offered Lili the executive assistant position right away with health care to start immediately for Lili her husband, Jimmy,  and her son Michael. Paul was very successful in businesses, had over 7 thousands employees, but Paul was not so lucky in his personal life, Paul was divorced with no children. From day one, Lili had told Paul, she was very much in love with her husband, Jimmy, that she would never get involved with another man as long as Jimmy, her husband was alive. Paul, was a gentleman, understood Lili and had agreed to her wish. Lili had become Paul’s confidant and practically was running Paul’s business when Paul was traveling for business. Every day working together, Lili and Paul was growing on each other. They had become good friends and were telling each other their lives stories. Days, Weeks, Months, Years passed, Lili and Paul became lovers in their hearts and minds without having sex. From moment Paul had met Lili, Paul had stopped dating other women. Lili and Paul were madly in love with each other. 2008 when Lili’s son Michael graduated from high school and got accepted into Brown University, Paul volunteered to pay Michael’s full tuition, room and board. 2010 Lili’s husband finally passed away from his sickness. Paul paid for an elaborate funeral cost. After Jimmy’s funeral, Lili told Paul she could not sleep with Paul for another year as she was morning jimmy’s death. Paul, as a gentleman understood and respected Lili’s, wish. One day before anniversary of jimmy’s death, Paul had arranged for a romantic month long getaway in Europe. They landed in London, inside Ritz Carlton Hotel suite, Paul asked Lili for marriage and pulled a $1Million engagement ring. Lili accepted to become Paul’s wife. After fourteen years of being in love and waiting for moment to become right for Lili, finally, Paul and Lili had agreed to become husband and wife. After three days in London, Paul and Lili took the train to Paris where they got married inside a small Church. Liliy’s son Michael became a professor. Paul dissolved his busineses. Lili and Paul have several houses in different European cities where they enjoy life to fullest.