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Emma and Vincent,An American Tale.

  • Chick Said: Her grandfather, Vincent died 2010 at age of 100, Vincent wrote his life in his diary. Vincent was born in a middle class family. 1928 Vincent was 18 years old and a college freshman in Wyoming. In college, Vincent was dating and was madly in love with Emma his classmate who was also from middle class family,  but Emma was also dating George who was from a wealthy family. George was arrogant and was dating other girls, almost every girl was infatuated with George, because George came from wealthy family. When in October 1929 great depression came, Vincent’s father who worked in local bank, was fired, days later, Vincent’s father killed himself. Vincent’s mother, Laura who was housewife raising Vincent’s Younger brothers, Billy and Kevin ages 14 and 12, had no formal education. After six months of his father’s death,  Laura gave Vincent’s two younger brothers for adoption. Vincent dropped from college and took odd jobs to feed himself and his mother. bank confiscated their house for lack of payment. Vincent’s mother Laura married a salesman, they moved from Wyoming to East Coast. Vincent was sleeping under bridges at night and worked hard during day. Emma’s father was a farmer, when banks confiscated his farm, Emma’s father, also commented suicide. Emma was the only child. Her mother remarried. Emma married George and moved to Los Angeles. Vincent did not want to be seen by people he knew in town, Vincent jumped on back of cargo trains to Dallas Texas. Every day, every moment Vincent was thinking about Emma, at night before going to bed, Vincent had prayed for Emma’s safety and happiness. Time passed, it was 1934, depression was still in full force. Vincent had saved over $5,000. Thoughts of Emma was haunting Vincent too much. This time, Vincent bought some clothes, went to a motel, cleaned up, put clean new clothes, bought bus ticket to Los Angeles California. After 4 days of Bus ride Vincent reached Los Angeles. Vincent rented a room from private house owner $20 per week, his landlords were childless couple, both worked for libraries, they helped Vincent get a job in a local supermarket. Vincent told his landlords about his life and the reason he had moved to Los Angeles to find Emma. Couple had a friend who was a detective at LA police department, they took Vincent to police department and introduced Vincent to their contact Joe. Vincent gave detective Joe names and identities of Emma and George. Joe had felt really bad for Vincent, promised Vincent he was going to find Emma. After one week one night detective Joe came to where Vincent was living, Joe had found out all about of Emma and George. Joe told Vincent, George and Emma had a daughter three years old. George had become abusive to Emma after moving to Los Angeles, George had physically and emotionally abused Emma, Emma had run out of house two years ago, Emma had filed complain about George, but because George’s parents were wealthy, the police department had not charged George for anything. Emma was working as a waitress at a diner in downtown LA. That night, Vincent could not sleep out of joy that finally God had helped him find Emma. Next day, Vincent bought a big bouquet of flowers and went to the diner where Emma was working as a waitress. Upon entering the diner, Emma’s and Vincent’s eyes immediately met, Emma tried to pretend she had never met or known Vincent, Emma had felt embarrassed being seen by Vincent as a waitress. Vincent sat at diner’s counter, said to Emma,” You are as beautiful as I met you first time”,  extended bouquet of flower to Emma, Emma broke down crying. Diner manager noticed the situation, told Emma to take the day off, return to work next day. Emma and Vincent walked out of diner, went for a long walk shared their stories of hardships. Emma told Vincent, she thought about him everyday, after moving to Los Angeles, she realized she had made greatest mistake of her life marrying George. Emma told Vincent she had not seen her daughter Nicole for two years. Vincent told Emma, he was still virgin, never had relationship with any woman. At the end of their walk, Emma and Vincent went to a Church, thanked the Lord for their reunion. Emma, like Vincent was living in a private house. Vincent took Emma to his address and introduced Emma to his landlords who instantly liked Emma. Vincent’s landlords told Emma she could move in and live with Vincent. Following day, Vincent moved Emma’s belongings into his address. Emma and Vincent hired a divorce lawyer and filed Emma’s divorce from George and custody of her daughter Nicole. The divorce judge, Justice Levy was a great fair judge, granted Emma divorce from George and custody of her daughter Nicole. In addition George was told by Judge Levy to pay child support until Nicole was 18 years old. Emma and Vincent got married and had a son together. Emma enrolled in college again, became a teacher. With the help of detective Joe, Emma and Vincent found whereabouts of their mothers and Vincent’s brothers. Vincent’s mother had died, Vincent’s brothers were raised with love by their adopted parents, Emma’s mother had gotten divorce was living in New York City. 1950 Emma and Vincent moved to Wyoming where they were born and raised, bought a house and raised their daughter Nicole and son Joseph. Emma died four months before Vincent died.