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Mr. Abraham and Daughters

Chick from Brooklyn Said: 1943 She was born Catholic in Warsaw Poland  with her twin sister. Her name is Magdalena, her sister was named Amelia. When Nazi Germany invaded Poland 1939, her father Bagdon had joined military and had become Nazi sympathizer, her mother, Agata was a housewife. Her father Badgon was stationed in Auschwitz concentration camp where Nazis massacred innocent Jews, men,women, and children. 1945 when world war 2 ended, her father Bagdon was killed by allied forces. Her mother Agata and the rest of population were living in extreme poverty, Allied forces were feeding millions of unemployed polish citizens. When Poland became part of the Soviet Union, relief agencies from United kingdom transported thousands of Polish citizens to England. Luckily she, her sister Amelia and her mother Agata were chosen by a relief agency and transported to United kingdom. In England, they were placed in a government housing building. They were given food rations. American relief organizations were donating money monthly for Polish refugees in United Kingdom. Every month, her mother Agata received an envelope from a borough park Brooklyn address containing $100 bank check and a small note signed Mr. Abraham. Her mother Agata had cashed Mr. Abraham check at local bank and spent the money from Borough Park on whatever she needed. This monthly $100 check from Mr. Abraham continued without interruption. It was a gift from God.1961 when they graduated from high school, both got accepted into Oxford University. 1963 their mother Agata was diagnosed with cervical cancer and died within a year. Meanwhile Mr . Abraham $100 monthly check kept coming from Brooklyn to their address, it was a major relief in their lives. 1965 they gratuated from Oxford University, Her sister studied philosophy and history, she studied psychology. She and her sister rented a flat in London started working. After one year of working, they had saved enough money to travel to New York City and visit Mr. Abraham in Borough Park Brooklyn to thank him for his human kindness and generosity for over 20 years mailing them $100 monthly check that throughly saved their lives. It was April 1967 they landed at JFK Airport, took a Taxi to Mr. Abraham address in Borough Park Brooklyn. They knockdd at door, moment later a humbled man dressed in black with white beard and yamaka on his head appeared at door. She and sister Amelia felt in their hearts and minds It was Mr. Abraham himself. Magdalena and Amelia each  hugged Mr. Abraham with purist love as if Mr. Abraham were their biological father. Sisters could not talk for several minutes holding back their emotions and tears. Sisters had brought with them 20 years of envelopes they had received from Mr. Abraham containing $100 check. Magdalena and Amelia felt at home immediately in Mr. Abraham’s house. Sister mentioned to Mr . Abraham how much his $100 monthly check had saved their lives. Magdalena and Amelia mentioned to Mr. Abraham how shameful they were about their father joining Nazi army in Auschwitz concentration camp. Mr. Abraham told Magdalena and Amelia he was a Sophordic Jew who had immigrated from Poland to America 1901, he was a retired teacher, had no children,  his wife Sarah had passed away two years ago. Mr . Abraham asked Magdalena and Amelia to call him father. That night  Sisters cooked for their father, Mr. Abraham and all three talked all night. The bond and love between Mr. Abraham Sisters were that of a biological relationship. Following day, their father, Mr. Abraham invited community Rabbi and neighbors to his house and announced to all that Magdalena and Amelia were his daughters and that all must love and respect them in community. Their father, Mr. Abraham insisted Magdalena and Amelia to immediately start studying for their higher education. Magdalena got accepted into Brooklyn college, Amelia received full scholarship at New York University. Their father, Mr . Abraham did not allow Magdalena and Amelia to work and pay for anything. Their father Mr. Abraham gave them pocket money and paid for all their expenses. Amelia became a history professor, Magdalena became a psychologist. Their father, Mr. Abraham had asked Magdalena and Amelia to bury his body in Israel upon his death. 1994, their father Mr. Abraham died in borough park Brooklyn, Magdalena and Amelia flew their father’s body to Israel and gave him a grand beautiful burial. Magdalena and Amelia started a foundation named after their father, Mr. Abraham. The foundation, indiscriminately, helps survivors of wars worldwide.