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Never Ending Fued Over Olga

Aged elegant chick said: Her name is Olga, 1922 she was born in Siberia. Her parents moved to Moscow when she was 10 years old. When Nazi Germany attacked Russia 1940, she was 18 years old, Soviet army enlisted her to serve motherland. She was trained as a Nurse. 1944 United kingdom and United States each had sent 100 special commandos to Moscow to train Russian army with special skills to fight SS special commandos. She met and liked immediately, David American commando from Dallas, , and Grant English commando from Kent. She started dating dudes separately and fell in love with both of them. As time passed, her dating David and Grant became known in the military barrack. David and Grant had become extremely jealous of each other dating her, on many occasions, David and Grant had fistfights when others inside barrack were watching. One day Soviet General Dimitry, called her into his office and asked her to stop dating two men, David and Grant, it was bad for morale inside the barrack. General Dimitry asked Olga to date only one dude. But, Olga was in love with both dudes, she was indecisive. When war ended 1945, General Dimitry asked David and Grant to fight like gentleman for lasting love of Olga. General Dimitry ordered a stage built for the fight. Every one was joyous because war had ended. David and Grant were cheered like champions as they entered the stage to fight for Olga. There were at least 1,000 officers and soldiers from America, United Kingdom and Soviet Union clapping and chanting for “Olga for Olga for Olga”. All spectators had made bet on the fight for Olga. Fight started, David and Grant were special commandos, they knew how to fight, it was extremely intense, there was no referee,  audience were drinking Vodka and were acting wild watching David and Grant fight. After one hour, Grant had delivered a strong kick to David that brought the fight to end. General Dimitry got inside the stage and declared Grant the English dude as winner of Olga. Fight left both dudes bloody. General Dimitry wanted to create a wedding party for Olga and Grant to get married, but Olga refused. Olga still loved both dudes equally. Olga had private meeting with David and Grant, told dudes she was in love with both of them, therefore did not want to merry either one, but instead wanted to live with Grant in United Kingdom. David told Grant,” I will fight you for Olga again ond day, next time I will win”. Olga and Grant moved to Kent to start their lives. Olga and Grant had a daughter they named Julie. Grant was involved with British Military Commando operation, Olga stayed home. They had no contact with David in the United States. 1965, after 20 years, Olga and Grant were walking in local market in Kent when they saw David. Olga was happy to see David, while Grant was shocked. David invited Grant for another fight over Olga. Grant responded to David that it is over, that Olga and he were happy together, there is no way Olga would leave him, but Olga interfered and asked Grant to fight David one more time. They agreed to fight at midnight inside the park when town was a sleep. This time only Olga was watching when David and Grant fought over Olga. After 20 minutes, David knocked Grant down. Olga made up her mind, told Grant she was moving with David to United States. Grant told David, “It is not over yet, I will fight you for Olga again”. Olga and Grant talked at length about their situation to Julie their daughter. Julie was attending college, she understood the unusual love situation between David Olga and Grant. Olga and David flew to Dallas. David was divorced and had a daughter named  Caitlin. David was involved with US military special commandos as instructor. Olga spoke to Julie her daughter daily by phone. Life went by, Olga and David were enjoying life. 1985, one Sunday Olga and David were inside the mall, when Grant approached them, Olgs was happy to see Grant after 20 years, David was devastated to see Grant again. The date was set for 2 AM inside public park for 3rd round of fight over Olga. This time the two soldiers were gray haired old men. Again Olga was the only audience . fight started, after 10 minutes, both dudes fell on the ground, David was unconscious could not wake up, Olga called ambulance. David died in hospital following day. Grant was in coma for 2 years and never wokeup again, Grant died in same hospital David died. Olga buried both her lovers, David and Grant next to each other in Dallas cemetery. Olga had bought space between David and Grant Graves, has intructed her daughters Julie and Caitlin to bury her upon her death between her two lovers, David and Grant.