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Tales Of Four Friends

 Four chicks, Rebecca, Nufura, Kumari, And Lupita Said: They become good friends attending university of southern California fro 2008 to 2012. They Are in New York City for Reunion. 

1- Rebecca Said: She was born Jewish in Rhode Island. In college met George who was born Christian in Idaho. Dated and became fiancé. Both her parents and George’s parents disapproved of their relationship. After college, Rebecca and George moved to New York City, got a flat in lower east side. Rebecca got her MBA from Columbia University, George studied Law at Fordham University. After living two years together, they became madly in love with each other,  got married in a small ceremony. At beginning, both their parents were reluctant to see them. They had a daughter last year, named her Shoshana, it was a blessing, now both grandparents have fallen in love with Shoshana. Both their parents forgot about their disapproval  of their marriage. Grandparents have become good friends now, thanks to Shoshana.

2- Nufura Said: She was born in Senegal in a small village. Her parents were farmers without formal education. Nufura has 7 siblings. Her parents worked very hard, it was very hard for her parents to buy things they needed for eight children. When Nufura was 9 years old, a village elder convinced Nufura’s parents to engage Nufura to a 47 years old man, All Nufura wanted was to study and become a medical doctor. Nufura was crying every night before going to bed thinking about becoming wife of a man older than her father. Nufura was very close to her Aunt, Anisa, her mother’s sister. When Nufura was 14 years old, Nufura was told one day that her wedding was following week. Anisa, Nufura’s Aunt had a friend in Los Angeles. One night Anisa came to Nufura’s parents house, told Nufura’s parents that Nufura was spending the night with her. Aunt Anisa had bought a one way ticket to Los Angeles for Nufura, Aunt Anisa changed Nufura Nufuralothes she had bought for Nufura, took Nufura to Airport, gave Nufura all her savings, $700 and a phone number for her friend, Adwa  in Los Angeles. After stopover in London, Nufura landed in Los Angeles Airport at 2 AM. Nufura asked Airport security to help her call Adwa, her Aunt’s friend. Adwa was not answering calls, finally it was 6 AM Adwa answered the phone. Adwa came to Airport around 7 AM picked Nufura. Adwa was a nurse in a Los Angeles hospital. Adwa was not married, Adwa took Nufura shopping and becane Nufura’s mother. Adwa hired private English language teacher for Nufura. After one year, Nufura became fluent in English. Nufura passed entrance exam and got ac. pted into 8th grade. After graduating from high school, Nufura got full scholarship to university of southern California. Nufura studied biology and chemistry. Nufura got accepted into Columbia University Medical School. Nufura just finished her regency to practice internal medicine. Nufura has big plans in life;  Nufura wants to buy a big house and bring her parents, her Aunt Anisa, and her siblings to US. Nufura wants to establish a foundation to stop practice of underage girls in 3rd world countries marrying men in arranged marriages.

3- Kumari Said: She was born Muslim in Gujrat India. Her father is a business man, her mother is housewife taking care of five children. Her father owns a jewelry store. When Kumari was 10 years old, Kumari realized she was LGBTQ . After finishing high school,  Kumari asked her parents to send her to California to attend university. Kumari’s parents agreed and sent her to Los Angeles to attend university. In college, Kumari met Laura another LGBTQ from Arizona. Laura was born Christian. After College,  Kumari and Laura moved to New York City, rented a flat in East Village. Last year Kumari and Laura got married inside LGBTQ temple. Kumari became a CPA , Laura is a financial analyst.  Kumari and Laura are not religious,  they want to adapt children from poor countries. Six months ago Kumari’s parents came to New York City to visit Kumari,  Kumari told her parents about her sexual preference and her marriage to Laura, Kumari’s mother had no problem accepting Kumari’s lifestyle, Kumari’s father told Kumari he loved her, but needs some time to accept her marriage to another woman. Laura’s parents have been totally understandable and supportive.

4- Lupita Said: She was born in Paraguay. Her father died when she was 5 years old. Her mother, Rosa was very poor, married another man, Pedro to take care of her, they were living in a tiny room. Lupita has no brother and sister. Her step-father, Pedro was a lowlife without study job, Pedro got drunk every night and physically abused her mother. All neighbors knew about Pedro abusing her mother nightly, all neighbors hated Pedro. When Lupita was 9 years old, her lowlife stepfather started sexually abuse her. When Lupita told her mother about it, her mother did not believe her. When Lupita was 12 years old, she got pregnant by her stepfather. Her mother, Rosa gave her a local medication that caused her miscarriage. One night, her stepfather got too drunk, started beating Rosa and Lupita hard, her mother grabbed the kitchen knife, stabbed Pedro in his chest, Pedro died on spot. Lupita and Rosa cleaned the blood all night, wrapped her lowlife stepfather’s body in a quilt. Rosa told neighbors about what had happened, neighbors came to their rooms, told them to leave town immediately. Neighbors collected money, gave Rosa whatever they could. Lupita and Rosa left the village, it was 2:30 AM. For next two weeks, Lupita and Rosa took many buses traveling to Buenos Aires Argentina. In Buenos Aires, they went to a local Church. A father Priest gave them shelter inside Church. Father helped Rosa get a job in a hotel as a maid, Lupita started school right away. They had no friends or family in Buenos Aires. Church was their savior. For a year they stayed inside Church. Finally they were able to rent a tiny flat of their own. Lupita excelled in school, she was A student and became fluent in English. After graduating from high school, Lupita applied at University of Southern California by mail, miraculously, Lupita was notified that she was granted  full scholarship. They had no money to fly to Los Angeles, Father Priest bought Lupita and Rosa two tickets to California. In Los Angeles, Rosa worked in hotels to survive. Lupita graduated top of class, Lupita decided to study law, applied to top law schools. Lupita was accepted into Oxford University United kingdom School of Law, Jurisprudence , full scholarship. Lupita did not want to leave her mother Rosa, but her mother insisted Lupita to pursue her education and improve her life. Lupita gratuated from Oxford University Law School concentrating on human rights law. Lupita got a job in London practicing human rights, bought a house in London Suburb, brought Rosa from Los Angeles to live with her. Lupita and Rosa take life one day at a time.

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