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A French Twist Of Faith

  • Dude said his name is Jean Paul: He was born in Cote d’Azur. His parents owned winery and were wealthy. Grew up in a château as the only child. His parents had employed maids taking care of château. One of the maid was a 18 years old beautiful Romanian girl, her name was Florentina. Jean Paul was secretly in love with Florentina. His mother, Camille travelled monthly to London visiting her sisters. His father Arnaud never travelled always stayed home taking care of the winery. 2002 one day when he was in 5th grade, he came home early from school, his mother Camille was in London. He heard his father, Arnaud telling Florntina, the maid girl, “take this 30,000 Franc, leave Cote d’Azur now, go to Paris call this phone number, my friend Philip will help you get an abortion, Philip will also get you a job, you can not stay here and destroy my life”. Florentina was crying told Arnaud, ” I will leave Cot d’Azur, but I will keep my baby”. That day, Florentina left the Château. Jean Paul grew up finished high school, never forgot Florentina, every day Jean Paul thought about Florentina. 2006 Jean Paul got accepted into Dauphine University of Paris. Jean Paul was in 2nd year of University, one afternoon he went to a cafe to have lunch, the waitress came to his table, was Florentina the Roomanian maid who was pregnant with his father’s child and was given money by his father in 1999 to leave Cote d’Azur and have abortion. Florentina did not recognize Jean Paul. Every day Jean Paul went to cafe Florentina was working trying to make friends with Florentina. After he was certain Florentina liked him, Jean Paul asked Florentina out for dinner, Florentina had accepted his invitation. They had dinner at a romantic bistro. Florentina opened up and told Jean Paul the story of her life growing up poor in Romania and working for a wealthy French family in Cote d’Azur where she had affair with owner of the château who had made her pregnant and gave her money to leave Cote d’Azur. In Paris Florentina gave birth to a boy she named him Bertrand. Listening to Florentina over dinner, Jean Paul felt very guilty about his father’s conduct, but also felt more in love with Florentina. Jean Paul did not say a word about who he was. After dinner, Jean Paul walked Florentina to her flat. Jean Paul was in fear of losing Florentina, if he revealed to her the fact he was son of the man who fathered her son and gave her money to leave town. After their 3rd date, Jean Paul and Florentina finally made love. As weeks and months went by, Florentina and Jean Paul became serious lovers and grew in each other. Jean Paul and his half brother, Bertrand became good friends. Jean Paul bought Bertrand clothes and helped Bertrand with his homework from school. Time passed, one afternoon, Jean Paul took Florentina into a park and told Florentina the truth about his identity, Florentina just listened and cried. Jean Paul told Florentina how much he was in love with her since 5th grade, and that life was meaningless for him without her. Jean Paul told Florentina how much he loved Bertrand his half brother. Florentina asked Jean Paul about losing his father’s love and support over her, Jean Paul responded, he did not care about losing his financial support from his father and eventually being removed from his father’s will. Florentina told Jean Paul, she hated his father, Arnaud, but she was in love with Jean Paul. Following week, Jean Paul asked his parents for additional money monthly. Jean Paul used the extra money rented bigger flat, he moved Florentina and Bertrand to live with him. After graduating from University, Jean Paul proposed to Florentina to get married, Florentina accepted. 2014 Jean Paul and Florentina got married in Venice Italy. Jean Paul works as an architect. Jean Paul wrote to his parents about Florentina and about the day he came home early from school and heard his father Arnaud giving money to Florentina to leave Cote d’Azur. His father, Arnaud wrote Jean Paul back, disowned Jean Paul from his will. One year later, his mother, Camille got divorce from Arnaud and moved to Paris. Florentina and Camille have become good friends. Florentina and Jean Paul had a child of their own, a boy named Jean Pierre. Camile’s divorce settlement was big from Arnaud. Camille bought house for Jean
  • Paul, Florentina, Bertrand and Jean Pierre in a suburb of Paris.  They all enjoy a happy life.


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