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About Us

My brother and I have been driving taxi, limousine and car service for over 10 years in New York City. Driving in New York City can be extremely stressful, but no city in the world has the diversity of New York City. My brother and I have the privilege to drive people from all over United States and from all over the world. The human interaction and being able to spark a conversation with people while driving taxi in NYC is very satisfying and rewarding.

We always enjoyed reading other people’s tweets and blogs. On April 2012, we decided to share our stories on twitter with everybody.

Since we received many high quality followers on twitter and because twitter has only 140 characters limit, we decided to expand our posts on this blog so our followers can read our stories more in depth.

The bases we are affiliated take commission fees from us from every ride and our bases are aware of our social media NYCTaxiCabTales. Our bases are NOT our partner/s in our blog, my brother and I are the ONLY owners, all our posts in our blog and all our tweets in our Twitter handle are entirely what we hear from our clients.